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Parallel Battery Solid State Switch

Parallel Battery Solid State Switch

Parallel Battery Solid State Switch


Parallel Battery Solid State Switch DC Relay

All wire harnesses are labelled for easy connections.


The DC solid state relay is a high current relay that can be used to join 2 batteries in parallel when used in dual mode configuration OR used as a standalone battery protection device in single mode.

A push button SPST switch is provided to turn on and off the solid state relay. When required to be connected to parallel batteries, you will need to use dual relays. We do sell the wire harnesses for parallel battery configuration. 

Alternatively,  you can use the auto-switching solid state relay to perform current and voltage sensing such that when batteries in parallel are connected to it, it will automatically discharge from the higher voltage battery pack until the 2 battery packs are balanced out.

This intelligent switch allows you to connect 2 battery packs of different capacities in parallel (but of the same voltage) as the intelligent solid state relay will be able to selectively discharge each battery pack. It also prevents any current backflow from one battery pack to the other lower voltage pack, hence preventing damage to your battery packs. 

Heres a video explainer to explain why you would need a pair of solid state switches when connecting 2 batteries:

And heres the difference between using a parallel wire harness and a parallel switch that auto switches between 2 batteries:


To be used as a standalone device, you can use the SPST switch provided to turn on/off the battery especially when leaving in storage for a long time. This is to prevent any leakage of current from your ebike or e-scooter electronics hence slowly draining out your battery over time. 

All our switches and wires are labelled for ease of installation. 

Wire harness is required to plug into your batteries. Purchase your wire harness together with the switch here 


Type Operating Voltage Max Discharge Current Dimension
Manual SPST 24V-52V (60V max) 180A
43x24mm (ht neg)
Manual SPST 24V-72V (85V max)
300A (high current)
24V-72V (85V max) 80A continuous (100A peak)
Auto 24-72VV (85V max) 30A nominal (50A max) 45x18.5x60mm

Prices do not include installation. Wiring diagrams available upon purchase.

Watch this video explainer to see how it works: