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Safety Handlebar Bundle

Safety Handlebar Bundle

Safety Handlebar Bundle


Standalone Safety Handlebar Bundle

Safety is always our top priority hence we have developed the safety bundle which is basically all the safety functions you need for your e-scooter in a neat handlebar package. 

Safety on the e-scooter is all about being visible and being heard. Our handlebar measures 65-68cm in length and the bar ends have turn signal lights which is important in letting fellow road users know your intentions. 

Inside the waterproof pouch is a super loud 125dB electronic horn which is sorely lacking on many scooters. There is also an integrated motion sensor alarm with remote control.

When leaving the scooter outside for a quick run to the convenience store, you can use the remote control to activate the motion sensor alarm. If any one tries to touch the scooter while armed, the alarm will sound loud enough to wake up your neighbourhood. 

There is also the option of adding a powerful 1000 lumens headlight which can be integrated into the switch system of the safety handlebar. 

Detailed Description

This safety handlebar bundle consists of the following functions:

  1. 125dB electronic horn
  2. Ergon wing grips
  3. Motion sensor alarm with remote control
  4. Bar-end Turn signal lights
  5. USB phone charging outlet
  6. Headlights (optional)


Although this is a universal handlebar that can be mounted to all e-scooters and bicycles, installation is easier on the ZERO 10X, 8X and 11X series of scooters. The installation on the ZERO 8, Z9, and Z10 will be more difficult as the T-bar needs to be modified by cutting off the T-bar vertical pole. 

Heres how it looks like:


  • Waterproof
  • 12V 5200 mAh or approximate waterproof battery pack
  • 5V USB for phone charging and 12V DC Connector
  • Handlebar mounted waterproof switch
  • Bar end amber turn signal lights
  • Fedog 125dB electronic horn and motion sensor alarm
  • Optional 1000 lumens headlight
  • Optional Xtasy Foldable handlebar 

  • Installation

    Heres how to install the safety bundle onto your scooter. There is no wiring needed, only simple allen keys needed to swap handlebars and insert the throttle/LCD and brake levers.