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ZERO 10 Controller

ZERO 10 Controller

ZERO 10 Controller


ZERO 10 52V 25A Controller


How do you tell if your ZERO Controller is faulty? There are many ways but the controller needs to be changed when an ERROR code appears on the LCD screen. Here are a few ways to diagnose a faulty controller as shown in the video below:


  • 52V 1000W controller
  • 25A discharge current
  • Cutoff Voltage of 42V
  • Aluminium heat sink
  • Suitable for ZERO 10 e-scooter
  • Boost Option available

Boost Option

The boost controller allows the rider to ride for a short period of time under a high current load of 40A (vs 25A normally). Suitable for heavier riders and riders who ride on steeper slopes. The boost controller will push 40A of current into the motor for a short period of time until it crosses the temperature threshold. Once the boost current temperature threshold is exceeded, the controller reverts to a max 25A of power.