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ZERO 10X Limited

ZERO 10X Limited

ZERO 10X Limited


ZERO 10X Limited

The Highest Performance 10-inch E-Scooter

Presenting to you the most complete e-scooter in the market today -- the ZERO 10X Limited (Edition). It isn't just a facelift. It is a complete overhaul. 


Since 2018, the ZERO 10X has been leading the industry in affordable high performance 2-wheel drive PEVs. The beautifully designed chassis has given it instant appeal and a large following in the electric scooter industry. 

In 2020, we have given the ZERO 10X a facelift with a new dashboard, better steering, upgraded the suspension, fine-tuned the acceleration, extended the range and top speed of the original ZERO 10X. Everything you need from a scooter, you will have it in the ZERO 10X Limited.

Performance Upgrade

The Z10X Limited performance outranks all other e-scooters in its price range, making the ZERO 10X the most value for money high performance scooter in the market. 

The ZERO 10X Limited 260 is able to hit a top speed of up to 80 km/h and has a range of 140 km* in a single charge at a cruising average speed of 25kmh. With its 10 x 3 inch extra wide tires and rear air suspension, you will literally be riding on a cloud. 

The Dual 1600W hub motors on the ZERO 10X Dual provides a nominal total power output of 3200W. This 3200W total power output is powered by 2 x 50A sinewave FOC speed controllers with massive heat sinks to dissipate heat as quickly as possible, maintaining optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.

Unlike the standard ZERO 10X controllers in the market, sinewave FOC controllers have extremely smooth speed power transitions and acceleration especially effective during cruising and on slopes.

FOC controllers are highly efficient and quiet at cruising speeds, hence they are able to pack more range into the same capacity battery. Find out more about sinewave controllers here.

Similar to the stock ZERO 10X, the Limited is switchable between a single drive and a dual motor drive although the single/dual switch button has been enhanced. 

To conserve battery capacity, switch to single drive mode for maximum range. The Limited ZERO 10X allows the rider to switch for the extra power when needed. Need to bomb up and down hills? Switch to dual drive mode!

More Responsive Steering

As we know in performance tuning, speed is nothing without 2 things: better braking and better control. We have took the time to improve the steering performance of every single ZERO 10X Limited to ensure that your fine control will be greatly improved.

A Modern Dashboard

We believe that a performance upgrade should be both felt and seen. The Limited includes a beautiful anti-glare TFT wide colored display that can be seen clearly in both broad daylight and at night. With 5-speed controls to select the speed you are comfortable at, the Limited can be configured according to your skill level. 

Check out the new Dash here:


Highly Configurable via App

The ZERO 10X Limited LCD and controllers come with bluetooth connectivity that links to our customised smartphone App that allows you to change anything from e-braking power, throttle response to acceleration profiles.

Check out the Limited App Tutorial here:


Go Further

Equipped with an externally mounted 60V 28Ah LG MJ1 battery pack (no internal battery), it will travel as far as 140km on a single charge in eco single drive mode. Which is to say a cruise speed of around 25-30kmh. In dual drive mode, the Limited 260 has a top speed of 80kmh but do take note that it will reduce the range to about 40km or less. 

The Limited 160, the single drive version, can do even more when restricted to a cruising speed of 25kmh. We estimate the range to be between 140-160km with the same battery size. 

More Water Resistant

A huge benefit of having a front mounted battery pack makes it more water resistant as wheel splash will not get into the battery compartment which is protected by a waterproof casing.

Now, you may think, will that not raise the Center of Gravity and destabilize the machine? We have tested the front battery mount extensively for 6 months for vibration, shock and grip and it has passed our tests.

Check out this stability test video:

Lighting System

The lighting system now includes both the standard front and rear lights, under deck lights and braking lights, making the rider extremely visible at night. We understand that not everyone wants to stand out so visibly so we have introduced a neat touch capacitative button to control the amount of lights you want to turn on/off.

More Comfortable Air Ride

The adjustable spring suspension was the best feature of the standard ZERO 10X. We upped the stakes by removing the spring suspension for an air lift suspension. Although air shocks are softer, they will make even an off-road terrain a walk in the clouds. 


No, we are not stopping here in terms of performance upgrades. You want to go even further with even more power bursts? We got you.

Get from New York to Phildelphia?

We have a rear mounted waterproof battery box that can store up to an additional 24Ah capacity giving you a max of 60V 52Ah battery capacity! That will get you from New York to Philadelphia and more. 

More Speed to match the ZERO 11X?

You want more speed? Our modular universal system design allows you to pop in a 72V battery system and go! Get more speed with just a change of battery, nothing more.

"Ducatize" your Look

Try it with our Ducati inspired tire hugger instead of the stock plastic fender for better splash protection. 


  • Extra wide 10x3" pneumatic wheels offer great ride comfort, traction and rolling efficiency for long rides
  • NUTT Hydraulic brakes with cooling fins
  • 160mm front and rear disc brakes for stronger stopping power
  • extremely powerful 1600W motor climbs hills with ease
  • Range of up to 140km on eco single drive mode
  • Top speed of 80kmh in dual drive mode



ZERO 10X 160 ZERO 10X 260 ZERO 10X EVO (Racing Edition) 60V ZERO 10X EVO (Racing Edition) 72V
Battery 60V 28Ah (18650 LG MJ1) 60V 28Ah ( 18650 LG MJ1 60V 28Ah (18650 LG MJ1)  72V 32Ah (21700 LG or Molicel)
Cruising Range 140km* based on 75kg load @25kmh 160km*  based on 75kg load @25kmh 160km based on 75kg load @25kmh 170km based on 75kg load @25kmh
Wheel 10 x 3 inches extra wide road tires 10 x 3 inches extra wide road tires 11 x 3.125 inches extra wide road tires 11 x 3.125 inches extra wide tires
Tyre type
Front & rear pneumatic
Front and rear pneumatic  Front and rear pneumatic  road Front and rear pneumatic  road
160mm Front and rear Zoom hydraulic brakes
160mm Front and rear NUTT hydraulic brakes 160mm Front and rear NUTT hydraulic brakes 160mm Front and rear NUTT hydraulic brakes
Steering Stock 10X Riser Bar Stock 10X Riser Bar 780mm handlebar with 60mm negative 16 deg stem adapter 780mm handlebar with 60mm negative 16 deg stem adapter
Top Speed 55km/h 80km/h 90 kmh >99 kmh
Slope Climbing (tested) ~15 deg ~30 deg ~30 deg ~30 deg
Weight 35 Kg 39kg 43kg 48kg
Max. Load 120 Kg 120kg 120kg 120kg
Front and rear spring coil shock
Front spring; Rear Air shock
Front and rear hydraulic spring coil Front and rear hydraulic spring coil
In-deck Front & rear LEDs
In-deck Front & rear LEDs In-deck Front & rear LEDs; Handlebar Stem mounted Front LED In-deck Front & rear LEDs; Handlebar Stem mounted Front LED
1 x 80A FOC Sinewave Controller
2 x 50A FOC Sinewave Controller 2 x 50A/70A tunable FOC Sinewave Controller 2 x 50A/70A tunable FOC Sinewave Controller
Motor Power
1 x 1600W (4800W peak)
2 x 1600W (6000W peak)
2 x 3000W (6000W peak) 2 x 4500W (10.08kW peak)
Charger 1 x 2A Charger 1 x 2A Charger 1 x 4A Charger 1 x 4A Charger
6 months Limited Warranty
6 months Limited Warranty
6 months Limited Warranty 6 months Limited Warranty
Box Dim.
123 x 32 x 50 cm
123 x 32 x 50 cm
123 x 32 x 50 cm 123 x 32 x 50 cm
User Manual
See Video
See Video
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