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Universal Tire Hugger

Universal Tire Hugger

Universal Tire Hugger


Universal Tire Hugger Guard

Our Ducati inspired adjustable tire hugger guard with mounting bracket and spacers allows you to adjust the width and height of the tire hugger to fit this guard on any 8, 10, 11 and 12 inch wheeled scooter. 

This splash guard is more sporty and more effective than the stock splash guards that comes with the ZERO 8X, 10X or ZERO 11X as the the splash point is often at the outer most edge of the rotation. This hugger guards against any splash at that outer edge.

Here is splash guard on the 12 inch tire:

Here is the splash guard installed on the ZERO 11X: 

To secure the guard, we have an aluminium bracket which clamps onto the hex motor nut of the scooter which most e-scooters use, making the usage extremely versatile. 

The plastic splash guard is made of ABS+Fiberglass compound making it very rugged and able to withstand the harshest vibration. 

Here's a demonstration of how it works and installation instruction:


  • Suitable for 8x3 inch, 10x3 inch and 11x3 inch tires
  • NOT for off-road use. The plastic splashguard is not designed to withstand off road usage.
  • These tire huggers are simple to install. Simply clamp on to the motor axle lock nut. 
  • Suitable for ZERO 8X, ZERO 10X, ZERO 11X and Fiido (8 to 12 inch tires)


Material Aluminium Alloy for bracket + Polypropylene+fiberglass for Guard



3.8 inch wide;12.5 inch length