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ZERO Steering Damper Kit

ZERO Steering Damper Kit

ZERO Steering Damper Kit


Steering Damper/Stabilizer Kit for ZERO Scooters

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Our steering stabilizer/damper kit is the solution to have more control of your steering with hard acceleration at higher speeds. Have a peace of mind while enjoying your fast ride and eliminate speed wobbles. 

See how the steering damper works vs No steering damper:


This Stabilizer kit allows you to adapt your steering damper to your personal riding style, as it keeps the front wheel on course.

  • High-end Suspension steering damper.
  • Damping adjustable with Hard or Soft style.
  • Easy adjustable knob.
  • Kit consists of:
    • Mounting kit: Steering Damper Adapter (Deck & Stem) 
    • Steering damper.
  • Note: Can ONLY be used on Zero 11X as the Zero 10X has a different Deck Steering Damper Adapter.

Things to note before purchasing:

  1. Please note that the Ohlins damper is only used for the ZERO 8X and ZERO 11X. The ZERO 10X steering damper uses the one shown in the picture on the left. If you want to upgrade your ZERO 10X damper to the Matris, it is possible too. Add $35 extra. 
  2. For the 11X and 8X steering damper, you will need to drill one screw hole into the deck to secure the damper mount. Please do not order unless you are able to do that. 
  3. There is no need to drill any holes for the ZERO 10X damper mount. It is plug and play. 


Heres how to install the ZERO 8X Steering Stabilizer:

And for the ZERO 10X Steering Stabilizer: 

Here is how to install the ZERO 11X Steering Stabilizer: