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Demystifying your Scooter’s Electronic Throttle

Most e-bikes or e-scooters comes with an electronic throttle control these days. Its the same technology that car accelerators come with too although on a different scale and complexity.

If you ever do (please don’t!) open up your electronic throttle control on your electric scooter, you will see 3 main components: A spring, a rotary magnet, and a magnetic sensor (sometimes called a Hall-effect sensor). As your thumb presses on the throttle and the spring moves the magnet closer or farther away from the sensor, the sensor continually reads the strength of the magnetic field and feeds it back to the controller. The controller then has algorithms to determine how much power (current) to send to the motor based on the throttle position relative to the sensor. This form of non-contact sensor reduces wear and tear as compared to a contact sensor which has movable and frictional parts that wear out faster.

Electric scooter thumb throttle

Electric scooter thumb throttle

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