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[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Things to Consider When Choosing an E-Scooter

Feeling lost when buying an e-scooter as there are so many models and variants? We made it simple for you! Here are the 8 considerations you should take into mind when buying an electric scooter or e-scooter.

5 Reasons Ladies are Ditching Heels for Wheels

Scoot over boys, the ladies are finally stepping in to the PMD scene! And here’s why: Grocery Shopping just got FUN – Basket on, load off! Walking to the nearest supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner can be kind of a dread. But you know you’ve already been surviving on order-ins and takeaways for the ...

SIR Survey

Singapore Inokim Riders Survey. Fill out this simple survey and stand a chance to win a free inokim polo shirt! SIR will be developing service and repair workshops.