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How to Test E-Scooter Batteries

How to Test E-Scooter Batteries
How to Diagnose Battery Capacity We haven’t done a tutorial in a while and we thought it appropriate to address the most pressing topic in the e-scooter and e-bike world i.e. Li ion batteries! In Part 1 of our battery series, we try to answer many of your most pressing concerns in battery maintenance. Many ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Things to Consider When Choosing an E-Scooter

Feeling lost when buying an e-scooter as there are so many models and variants? We made it simple for you! Here are the 8 considerations you should take into mind when buying an electric scooter or e-scooter.

Top 6 reasons to use an electric kick scooter

The electric revolution is coming, and you can be sure that it is here to stay. Not just with cars or motorcycles, but with foldable electric kick scooters especially. Its small compact form makes it the perfect last mile solution between the train station and your home/office. You can fold it, bring it onto public ...