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How to Test E-Scooter Batteries

How to Test E-Scooter Batteries
How to Diagnose Battery Capacity We haven’t done a tutorial in a while and we thought it appropriate to address the most pressing topic in the e-scooter and e-bike world i.e. Li ion batteries! In Part 1 of our battery series, we try to answer many of your most pressing concerns in battery maintenance. Many ...

What We Learnt from Surviving An E-Scooter Explosion

The Best Laid Safety Plans Sgscooters recently spoke to Falcon PEV, an industry leader in electric mobility vehicles, about a recent e-scooter explosion in their office during the Christmas period last year. Falcon PEV has always placed great emphasis on safety when it comes to having safe procedures in the testing and repairing of e-scooters. ...

Why Do E-Bike Batteries Explode?

An electric bike that was left charging overnight on Tuesday was just one of a string of recent ebike explosion incidents. In light of the growing popularity of electric mobility solutions in Singapore, Sgscooters felt a need to inform our users on the proper use and maintenance of lithium ion batteries that most e-bikes and e-scooters ...