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What We Learnt from Surviving An E-Scooter Explosion

The Best Laid Safety Plans Sgscooters recently spoke to Falcon PEV, an industry leader in electric mobility vehicles, about a recent e-scooter explosion in their office during the Christmas period last year. Falcon PEV has always placed great emphasis on safety when it comes to having safe procedures in the testing and repairing of e-scooters. ...

BIGGEST E-Scooter E-Bike Black Friday SALE Starts Now!

Fancy a New Electric Scooter and E-Bike this Festive Season? NOW is the time to get one for you or your loved ones! There are great deals on all Inokims, I-MAX, DYUs, Stigos, E-TWOWs, ZERO and many other top quality brands. Only for 3 days from Nov 24th to Nov 27th! Click on the link ...

How the New E-TWOW is Made

Sgscooters was invited to take a tour of the brand new E-TWOW facility in China during our recent trip to the Shanghai Bike Expo. We suspect the invitation was made so that they can showcase their new and supposedly improved ETWOW Booster to us. E-TWOW actually has 2 facilities, one in China and another in ...