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How the New E-TWOW is Made

Sgscooters was invited to take a tour of the brand new E-TWOW facility in China during our recent trip to the Shanghai Bike Expo. We suspect the invitation was made so that they can showcase their new and supposedly improved ETWOW Booster to us.

E-TWOW actually has 2 facilities, one in China and another in Romania.

Since they started in 2013, E-TWOW has come a long way from the days in a rented building on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Today, the E-TWOW global headquarters is a sprawling 3-building compound made up of an engineering and manufacturing block, a hostel block for production workers and an office block.

We weren’t all too interested in whats outside but rather, we were more interested the magic that was housed inside the buildings. We learned that E-TWOW designs, engineers and manufactures 90% of their parts in house hence ensuring control over the quality at every step of the process especially in their manufacture of their flagship product, the E-TWOW Booster Plus.

We were taken through the state of the art process from proprietary E-TWOW electronics parts engineering to plastic parts manufacture. Every manufacturing step was measured and controlled. And we have gladly shared our experience with our readers below!


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