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Why Do E-Bike Batteries Explode?

An electric bike that was left charging overnight on Tuesday was just one of a string of recent ebike explosion incidents. In light of the growing popularity of electric mobility solutions in Singapore, Sgscooters felt a need to inform our users on the proper use and maintenance of lithium ion batteries that most e-bikes and e-scooters ...

Launch of the Tsinova E-Bike

Winner of the Red Dot Design award, the All New Tsinova Electric Bike is an elegantly designed, vintage E-Bike that will turn heads without emptying wallets. From its elegant design to the quality brushed paint finish, the Tsinova sets itself apart from the rest of the crowded electric bike pack. Best of all, the Tsinova complies ...

New Electric Bike Regulations

Are Electric Bikes Legal? Electric bikes or Power Assisted Bikes (PABs), have been getting quite a bad rep lately, to a point where it has been almost taboo to ride an e-bike in Singapore. They are basically the unwanted children of motorbikes — car drivers see them as road hogs, often taking up valuable lane space and pedestrians find ...