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Join our EScooter Communities!

E-Scooter Communities Online


We compile a whole list of active escooter communities on facebook for your reference. Whether or not you are an electric scooter rider or are looking to get one in the near future, joining these communities will certainly help you get a better understanding of what it is like to own your own electric freedom of mobility.

Singapore Inokim Riders (For Inokim Scooter Owners)

Want to know more about the most popular electric scooter in the World? If you are looking to get an Inokim or have already got one, join our Singapore Inokim Riders (SIR) community to get updates, advice and connect to fellow riders in the Inokim World. SIR organizes weekly or monthly group rides round island so check them out if you are looking for a group to ride with!

The Wheelies Garage (Electric Unicycle Community)

Ever wanted to wheel together with a group of fellow Electric Unicycle enthusiasts? Now you can with weekly rides organized by the Wheelies! There are lots of good advice and info and product reviews of the latest Electric unicycles too. Its a forum that is just buzzing with activities and enthusiastic members. If you want to learn how to ride a unicycle, this is a group you have to be part of!

Stigo Garage

If an electric scooter with a seat is more your thing, then check out what facebook is saying about the Stigo at Stigo Garage. Connect with users and the manufacturers of the hottest selling seated electric scooter today! Its a small growing community but you get a direct line to the designer and manufacturer of the Stigo.

Big Wheel Scooter Singapore (General Forum)

All the news, updates and gossips on whats trending in the electric scooter world. Big Wheel Scooter Singapore (BWSS) a general forum that is buzzing with all things electric from electric bikes, electric scooters, kick scooters, PMDs etc. It is the largest escooter community in Singapore with monthly group rides during Car Free Sundays.

E-TWOW Users Group

The E-TWOW Users Group is one of the most informative page for all E-TWOW owners. The E-TWOW is one of the most popular e-scooters since it launched its first product in 2013. There are approximately 4000 E-TWOW users in Singapore and this Facebook group offers tips, advice and repair services.







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