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Review of the DYU vs Inmotion P1F

Review of the DYU vs Inmotion P1F
Battle of the Best Seated E-Scooters When the Inmotion P1F e-scooter was released in 2016, it was one of the first ergonomically designed e-scooter with an integrated seat. Widely mistaken as an e-bike, the Inmotion is classified as an e-scooter due to its lack of pedals. The Inmotion became quite popular for it’s compact dimension and ...

Top Electric Scooter Review

Review of the best electric scooters. This table does a side by side comparison of the Inokim Quick, Light, IMAX S1+, IMAX Q3 and T3, Stigo, ninebots etc.

Spin Magazine’s Top 4 Most Affordable Electric Scooters

Abstracted from Spin Magazine’s recent review on the most value-for-money electric scooters on the market today. 4 MOST AFFORDABLE ELECTRIC SCOOTERS The rise of the electric 2 wheelers represents a significant addition to commuting. SPIN takes a look at four specially picked personal electric vehicles (PEV) that represent the best bang for buck under $1000. ...