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Posts tagged "safe riding"

Registering your E-Bike in Singapore

New E-Bike Regulations Like many Singaporeans, I have a love-hate relationship with the new E-Bike (or PAB) regulations. The new law that requires all power-assisted bicycles to be registered is intended to improve the safety of park connector and road users. Luckily for you, we have made the registration process more convenient by taking you ...

Confessions of a Scooterholic Part 2

To promote safe riding, we feature Arief, an Inokim rider of 2 years who shares his multiple accidents while riding his electric scooters and why he feels safe riding is important.

Confessions of a Scooterholic

Welcome to Sgscooters’ safe riding campaign! With new PMD and electric scooter regulations in place, SgScooters will be doing a blog series to promote safe and responsible riding of electric scooters. Today we feature 20 year old Clifford who was an early adopter of electric scooters. He’s been using it as his main mode of transport ...