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The Evolution of the 2015 Inokim

We follow up on an earlier article exposing how MYWAY/INOKIM copycats like the Shengte and Speedway are both a safety risk and a industry hazard. Both brands are currently being sued by MYWAY/Inokim for copyright infringement. You can read more about the earlier article here.

We at Sgscooters have an exciting video to share with you about the evolution of the MYWAY/INOKIM from paper sketch to production unit. Its a story of faith and courage. This is another reason not to settle for less expensive rip-offs which has never gone through the same rigorous design thought as the original.

Watch on to find out more:

Find out more about the inokim here. Available March 2015 at Falcon PEV, the official distributor of the Inokim.


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