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The INOKIM Quick 2 Officially Launches in Singapore with inventor Nimrod Sapir and FalconPEV

FalconPEV INOKIM Scooter SingaporeIt was an exciting day last week, as FalconPEV together with the INOKIM/MYWAY company officially launched the INOKIM in Singapore. This was no ordinary affair, as even the CEO of INOKIM, Mr Leon Lu and the INOKIM inventor, Mr Nimrod Riccardo Sapir, came down to Singapore just for this!

The launch event was held at Wheeler’s Yard, an incredibly hip cafe with a bicycle store, and it was an all around awesome place to chill out at, the food was great too!

FoodMr Nimrod Sapir spoke about his mission to reduce carbon emission and provide an alternative form of transport, and how it all led to the development of the INOKIM & MYWAY.

SpeakingThe attendees, which included various media outlets all had a chance to be among the first to see the new features of the INOKIM Quick 2, and to take it for a test drive as well!

It was great hearing the man himself, Mr Nimrod, talk with such enthusiasm about the INOKIM, you could clearly see the dedication he he has towards creating as perfect of a product as possible for us, and clearly, it has resonated with the INOKIM Quick 2, as it still remains our top pick among any electric scooter currently on the market.

Speaking on INOKIMAll in all, it was a great experiencing hearing the inventor himself share about the INOKIM, enjoying great food, and a lot of fun riding around!

Check out the impressions that have been published by the media that attended the event:

NYLON Magazine: http://www.nylon.com.sg/2015/04/scoot-the-last-mile.html
TechieLobang: http://techielobang.com/blog/2015/04/08/inokim-quick-2-2015-e-scooter-launch-event/
Straits Times Online (Razor.TV): http://www.razor.tv/video/1195063/e-scooters-solution-to-commuting-woes?movideo_p=53581&movideo_m=119506

The event was organised by Falcon PEV, the Official and Exclusive Distributor of INOKIM in Singapore.

The INOKIM Quick 2 is available at FalconPEV for $1,995 and comes with a 1 year warranty. Click HERE to visit them!

Disclaimer: Be careful of copy products and stores that are not authorized by INOKIM. You can see a list of INOKIM authorized distributors here: http://inokim.com/worldwide/


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