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Launch of the D.Y.U.

Launch of the D.Y.U.
Finally, a Compact Ergonomic E-Scooter… We have all been waiting for something like this for quite a while. And the engineers at DYU has answered our call. Back in 2016, we announced the launch of the Stigo and the Stigo was admittedly abit on the heavy side at 15kg. The e-scooter rider is a very weight-sensitive ...

Unboxing of the DYU

An Ergonomic Lightweight Seated E-Scooter Designed by ex-Huawei (smartphone) engineers, the DYU far exceeds any expectation of a sub-$1000 e-scooter / electric bike. From the high quality anodised brushed finish, to the ergonomic riding posture and comfortable tyres, the DYU is a product made to appeal to the safety-conscious consumer. Further, the DYU does not ...

The Birth of the Stigo — Conversations with the Stigo CEO

We sit down to chat with Ardo Reinsalu, CEO of Stigo Bike, a company that makes lightweight portable electric scooters with seat.